Punching Your Way Out of the Pandemic

Dev Chandan
Sep 1 · 4 min read

The need of the hour is to stay home. This is absolutely essential to slow the spread of COVID, but social distancing restrictions have also led to me putting on weight. I resolved to get myself fit and tried out various fitness workouts at home. I soon realised that, although much information is available via apps and social media channels, there is almost nothing you can do to get feedback on your form and track your performance over time. This got me thinking about what we at SeeHow had achieved with fast-bowler Abhishek (described in this earlier post). Abhishek had injured his shoulder and was modifying his action in response, with guidance from a renowned bowling coach in faraway England. It struck me that the Sports Operating System (Sports OS) we have built at SeeHow addressed both these problems.

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Technology has redefined how we work and study and expanded the possibilities of what we can do at home and on our own. Despite this, the market offerings of sports and fitness companies have not undergone any major shift. Some fitness companies have been leveraging video calling services to keep fitness enthusiasts and gym-goers engaged — but this seems to be only the start of a much longer and broader digitisation trend in the sector. One of the companies leading this digitisation charge is Cult, who recently made a splash with a #SpeedPunch challenge that asked users to rope in friends to record how many punches they could throw in 15 seconds. We decided to do digitisation a slightly different way at SeeHow. The Sports OS has third-party wearables (WearOS, FitOS) and video integration. Equipped with this data, we decided to leverage our existing AI engine to build something for users to be able to train at home.

We built SeeHow with the vision to make sports training fun and smarter by making affordable sports technology accessible to everyone. While we started our journey by addressing a specific problem in Cricket, we have built a Sports Operating System (SportsOS) that can plug into any sport and help users build their sporting and fitness history. We unveiled the SportsOS and its applications in Cricket, Mixed Martial Arts and Baseball at TechCrunch Disrupt last year. Our team has been working extremely hard during the pandemic to democratise our platform which is a necessity in the COVID era.

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SeeHow WearOS Cricket Application

We started off with a Cricket bowling application but we quickly realise that we wanted to build something for the everyday user to keep themselves fit and democratise the SportsOS. To enable any kind of remote learning, one needs to be able to access information/methods and other assessment. In the traditional classroom model, video conferencing does the job but in sports and fitness, this barely solves the problem. Most of us have a camera phone and or fitness tracker which provides a rich data set for assessment to the corresponding skills. We bring assessment to training using sensor fusion and machine learning providing a baseline for you to improve upon.

We have built out a cardio boxing application that gives you real-time statistics on your performance, technique and wellness during your workout. The application is trained over a million data points acquired from professional boxers and it provides very detailed data on your technique. The application doesn't require human intervention for the easiest of tasks such as punch count.

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SeeHow Boxing Application

We will be releasing the boxing application(closed Beta) in the coming week with Smart TV casting capabilities to provide you Mirror like immersive experience. In the coming few months we will add more workout, wellness utilities (fall detection, heart health, etc) and much more engaging experience in the future.

If you are a fitness brand looking to digitise and transform yourself into a tele-fitness platform, do drop in an email at support@seehow.io.


Sensor Fusion and AI for Sports

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