After 1,460 Days of SEEK, Today is my Last One

Design is theft — so taking a cue from Vedran Arnautovic, and then cameron rogers this is my goodbye blog post.

Almost 4 years to the day after I first walked into SEEK (tomorrow would have been my 4 year seek-ersary), I am walking out a better designer than when I arrived.

In my time here I…

Worked really hard on some awesome products

I worked across 7 different teams as a UX Designer, Senior UX Designer and now Design Lead. I worked across SEEK Jobs, SEEK Business and Jobstreet. There are too many achievements to name but throughout this we warped the perception of time, materially moved the dial on many metrics and wrote a lot of blog posts.

And on other meaningful projects


  • Hacking in several hackathons including one we won
  • Helping out the next generation through Camp SEEK, hosting work experience students and visiting schools and VCTA events.
  • Speaking a lot — conferences, internal talks, meet ups, panels etc.

With some talented people

I couldn’t have done any of the above without the talented UX team to support me through their critiques, through our conversations in co-lo and feedback on Slack. Similarly, without our friends in product, delivery and tech none of this would have been possible.

and had a lot of fun along the way

We work hard, we play hard: Trivia nights; SEEK Slam (tennis) — watching, not playing; SEEK Footy — as above; Carnival day; Annual event AKA Goals; End of year parties; Just because events including escape rooms and axe throwing!

Dressed up lots

For hackathons; for Christmas parties; to raise money and sometimes just because.

Never took myself too seriously

Karaoke; cat head phones to dial into conference calls; Ru desk inspiration; motorcycle arcade games with research participants; down the slide; more Karaoke and so much more.

Cuddled a lot of puppies in the office…

I’ll miss you most of all

…And one time a cat

Best day ever

So, where to next?

I’ve had a job alert set up (on this little jobs website you may have heard of) for 4 years for “UX + wearable OR Implantable”. These jobs don’t exist in Melbourne. Pretty much all e-health UX jobs end up actually being in insurance.

That was, until a few weeks ago.

So, I had a tough decision to make, but you’ve got to chase your dream job when it comes up. I’ll be joining the team at Seer Medical (because who wants too much change) who make wearables and supporting products for management, review and global collaboration on epilepsy-related data. I’ll share more on that later.