An experiment, presenting about experiments.

Say yes to the things you want to be good at.

SEEK has been taking part in a program at Monash University to mentor post graduate students in Digital Product Development.

Remembering a quote about doing the things you want to be good at, rather than the things you are already good at, I decided to jump at the chance to present to the students.

In our sessions, SEEK’s fellow mentors and I had advised the students to test early, test often, and that it is OK to fail. A presentation about experiments was, therefore, an obvious choice.

Intro Slide

Being a firm believer of ‘practice what you preach’, the presentation was a personal experiment. I do plenty of presenting and workshop facilitation to groups of 20 or less, but 150+ in a lecture theatre, all eyes focusing on me:

How would it go?

Would I be nervous?

Would the students understand what I was trying to convey?

Were there too many slides / not enough?

Would they like my sketches?

Me in full swing.

So what was the result…

Was I perfect? No.

What I learned was that presenting something you are passionate about, makes it easier. I was way less nervous than expected.

That you should probably start with an introduction. Oops, I was so pumped about the presentation, I forgot to introduce myself.

Drawing you own slides, makes it more personal, more engaging and much easier to remember.

Having your colleagues in the room, should difficult questions arise, is a great idea. (Thanks Victoria and Nigel.)

Feedback from the session, suggests that, I did manage to convey my message of experimentation for the 3 main aspects of digital product development (Product, Project and Team.) I need to analyse the results a bit more to be sure.

I don’t know if there were too many slides. Must run another experiment…

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