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The Seekers are coming

Calling all The Found — everything you need to know about the Seekers mint…

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…It was confirmed yesterday that Seekers exploring the Metaverse are being targeted by the Goblins.

With interchangeable parts and varying tools, the Seekers are a prime target for Goblin raiders keen to break up the robots and re-use them for their own wicked plans.

Calling everyone in The Found, The Seekers need our help…

Come to the Seekers’ rescue through a brand new drop mechanic created by the Sylo and FLUF World teams — the Community Determined Supply (CDS) Drop.

Here’s how it works…

  • Drop price is 0.10101 ETH.
  • Total supply of Seekers starts at 50,000.
  • The Goblins are catching Seekers in the wild! The Seeker supply IMMEDIATELY starts to decrease by the second when the drop begins.
  • The Goblins are catching roughly 10,000 Seekers per 6 hours.
  • Minimum supply will be 10,101.
  • The Goblins are targeting the rarer Seekers first (they have better parts!). Therefore the larger the collection ends up being, the higher the % of rare Seekers there will be…
  • The Found truly decides how many Seekers to save, and therefore how many potential nodes there will be on the open metaverse’s communication network.
  • The community’s engagement directly determines the total supply of Seekers that exist. It will be somewhere between 10,101 and 50,000, only the Found can collectively decide.
  • When you mint, you activate a beacon, starting your Seeker’s journey back to you.

The Whitelist

  • Being on the whitelist entitles you to a preferential drop price of 0.09 ETH, per whitelist asset you own.
  • There is only one ‘Public Sale’ — whitelist asset holders participate when everyone else does, but receive the lower mint price (0.09ETH).
  • There is no Pre Sale.

Whitelist Assets

  • FLUF → 2 Whitelist spots per FLUF. The Snapshot will be taken at 10am on Friday 25 March, 2022 (NZT)/ 2pm Thursday 24 March (PDT).
  • Party Bear → 1 Whitelist spot per Party Bear. The Snapshot will be taken at 10am on Friday 25 March, 2022 (NZT)/ 2pm Thursday 24 March (PDT).
  • ASM Brain → 1 Whitelist spot per ASM Brain. The Snapshot will be taken at 10am on Friday 25 March, 2022 (NZT)/ 2pm Thursday 24 March (PDT).
  • SYLO token → 5 Whitelist spots for each of the top 2,000 SYLO holding wallet addresses. Make sure your tokens are not in an exchange wallet. They do not need to be in the Sylo Smart Wallet — Metamask or another non-custodial ETH wallet is fine. The Snapshot will be taken at 10am on Friday 25 March, 2022 (NZT) / 2pm Thursday 24 March, 2022 (PDT).
  • Sylo Liquidity Mining contributors are eligible to claim a Seeker.
    The Snapshot was taken at 10.30am on Thursday 17 March 2022 (NZT) / 1:30pm on Wednesday 16 March 2022 (PST).
  • Sylo Node operators [active in the last 90 days] are eligible to claim a Seeker. The snapshot has been taken and consists of a list of Sylo Nodes that sent telemetry data to our server between 3:35pm Thursday 16 December 2021 (NZT) / 7:35pm Wednesday 15 December 2021 (PDT) and 3:35pm Friday 17 December 2021 (NZT) / 7:35pm Thursday 16 December 2021 (PDT). Details on how to claim your Seeker can be found here.

The Seekers drop is imminent… Stand by for confirmation of mass beacon activation…


Yesterday, 500 members of The Found tuned in for our first Team Discussion on Discord.

On the back of this, we have compiled a list of questions that came from the community specifically relating to the drop mechanics, and have answered these below.

We will be conducting a follow up live AMA next week to give The Found the chance to directly ask the team any further Q’s — keep your eye on our announcement channel to find out when this will be happening.

Q: This is a mint for beacons or seekers?

A: The Mint is for beacons, which will activate, calling your Seeker home. The journey will take weeks, until then — sit tight.

Q: Can Seekers be captured by Goblins after their beacon is activated?

A: No, each beacon minted will safely call a Seeker to you. The Goblins will only affect the total possible supply that can be minted. The longer the mint window is open, the fewer Seekers will survive…

Q: Can there be additional Seekers minted after the initial mint?

A: No, the total supply of Seekers can only ever be those saved (minted) during the mint process.

Q: What is the maximum number of Seekers I can mint?

A: There is no maximum number of Seekers you can mint, however there is a per transaction limit of 10, and you must wait until the transaction has been confirmed before you can submit another.

Q: The rare Seekers are being hunted first, but the rarest don’t come back to the first activated beacons?

A: Correct. This means when it is all said and done, a larger Seeker collection will have a larger % of rarer Seekers. (So your Beacon has a larger chance of calling a rarer Seeker because there are a higher % of rares in the collection). There is no other advantage to minting the earliest available beacons.

Q: Is there a benefit to splitting NFTs between multiple wallets?

A: No. You get allocated whitelist spots per NFT, not per wallet.

Q: Is it the 2000 top SYLO holders that exist who qualify for the whitelist or is it the top 2000 SYLO holders verified in Discord?

A: The top 2,000 SYLO holders that exist.

Q: How do people check the top 2k Sylo balances?

A: To find out what that threshold is right now, visit Etherscan to quick view the top 1000, or for the full list you can download from Etherscan here.

Q: Which Sylo Nodes are eligible to claim a Seeker?

A: All Sylo Nodes that have been online in the last 90 days are eligible to claim a free Seeker.

Q: What about participants of Sylo Liquidity Mining?

A: All people who have supported the Sylo Network by providing liquidity will be eligible to claim a Seeker. On mint day, connect your wallet address and you will be able to claim your Seeker.

Q: Wen mint?

A: Exact date still to be announced… but it will be in March!

And finally, a few further thoughts from Aaron himself on Discord:

“Hey Frens I realise that this is a new mechanic for a drop, we are innovators and we aren’t afraid to try something new. The 10k meme was an arbitrary number it wasn’t “good” or “bad” it just was someone trying something new. We are all about pushing the boundaries and as you know the seekers are a very different drop to a pfp they are the key to a protocol. One that we believe will be a foundation to interoperability in the metaverse.

This is also new to NFTs so when choosing the number in the collection we had some parameters relating to the protocol itself which needed to be true but at the same time we wanted the decision to be a community driven one. This is also new. If you think 30k is too many as a collective body then don’t mint them , let the goblins have their way with the poor critters. If you believe we can execute on the vision then more nodes is a good thing.

Ultimately if we are successful we will need millions of mini seekers for all the users we want to connect to the protocol, the original genesis seekers are the key to creating these NFTs too. Ultimately it’s in your hands and this is the beauty of the game we are all playing right now. Lets let innovation have a chance and play along , knowing this is a unique opportunity to be part of a world first community mechanic with an asset which has real actual utility out of the box on a protocol we have big plans for driving value to seeker holders through as we expand it.”

Searching for us too?

Join The Found on Discord or Twitter and more info on Website



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