Where Can I Find Self Motivation?

My self motivation varies from day to day and honestly, today was one of the days where it was lower than usual. I was finding all sorts of excuses as to why I should postpone writing this blog post until I finally decided that I needed to do it or else it wouldn’t be done. As you can probably tell, self motivation is a powerful soft skill to have because it can dictate the productivity of our day. In my first blog post, I was interested if there was a science behind the theory of motivation and after conducting research, I learned that it is a part of human psychology. I decided to use the book “Human Motivation: A Social Psychological Approach” by Russell G. Geen as the basis for my research. He writes that “the construction of motivation refers to the initiation, intensity, and persistence of behavior; it addresses the question of why people do the things they do.” In other words, Geen tells us that we act upon an action and our desires grow enough that we decide that we want to continue pursuing it in order to reach a goal. This is the process of self motivation and it explains what the human mind is thinking when it wants something.

How can you improve?

Another tip for improving self motivation is to surround yourself with good company. Being around people you are comfortable with makes you feel more confident about the atmosphere you are in and if they are motivated, you will feel the same way. It has been proven that happiness increases productivity. Here is a graph that shows the effects of it:

Being happy is good for self motivation

I decided to test this out by studying with some friends since being around them contributes to my happiness here at school. I normally choose to study alone because I find that there are often too many distractions. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as distracting as I thought it was going to be because I was able to actually get work done and be productive in that time frame. Being surrounded by people who were motivated to study and stay on top of their academics was uplifting to me and in a sense, it encouraged my self motivation to just sit down and be a productive individual. It is definitely something I will try once in a while when I do not feel like I am full of energy.

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