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The Energy Element

Hydrogen is back in focus as a clean energy component. We gathered our Innovation Think Tank and collected initial thoughts on the matter.

  • The maritime applications of hydrogen fuel show increasing promise — perhaps even over and above its terrestrial uses. An outstanding question is whether hydrogen is a viable option for aviation, where notable challenges remain (Lukas Schleuniger, Co-Founder Red or Blue Labs).
  • Hydrogen rigs may eventually replace oil rigs. Rather than “an oil rig in the North Sea,” for instance, “[the Danes] have plans for a hydrogen platform where off-shore wind is used to produce energy and convert it into hydrogen.” (Lars Jaeger, Head of Quantitative Research, GAM).
  • While NASA continues to invest “steadily” in hydrogen fuel cells, the U.S. administration is presently devoting more significant efforts to exploring nuclear fusion for the moon and Mars (Collin Lee, Director of Strategy — Space and Intelligence Systems, General Dynamics). The U.S. private rather than public sector is then likely to lead in clean hydrogen innovation.
  • Hydrogen may drive innovation also in advanced materials. “Hydrogen is the only energy molecule able to activate carbon dioxide. If hydrogen would be available at an appropriate cost level, we can produce chemicals and compounds based on carbon dioxide by activating it via hydrogen — and this is already done with brown or blue hydrogen” (Juergen Eck, Co-founder BRAIN AG). Such a development could have far-reaching implications for everything ranging from infrastructure to food.



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