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Sep 9 · 3 min read

Deploying static sites/clients are getting easier and better day by day. We recently came across one such solution called AWS amplify. If you have used AWS before you will know, prior to amplify the process was bit tedious. You will have to create buckets, cloud front distributions and do domain mapping properly. If you are looking for an easier and faster to production alternative, you must give amplify a try.

  1. Seamless build pipeline with auto deploy.

You can configure it to automatically deploy from any branch in your Github, Bitbucket and GitLab account
As soon as code is merged to the given branch the build/deployment pipeline is triggered.
Under the hood Amplify uses aws cloud-front to automatically serve content from edge locations.
Click on connect app and follow few easy steps to deploy a new app.

connect app

2. Release history. Rollback to previous releases if required

Anytime you can go to a previous release by re-triggring and old build from the dashboard.
Goto any build and from there click view build history. Now you can select any build and deploy it with just a click.

build history

3. Multiple environment previews.

It allows you to connect multiple branches so you can setup multi enviroment demos. For example you can have 2 branches
Master — For production
Develop — For staging / QA

multi environment

4. Password protect staging or develop releases.

Since all the amplify URLs are publicly accessible, you might not want people to view the staging version of your app.
Amplify provides basic auth to password protect you instances.

5.Screenshot previews of multiple devices.

Once the deploy is successful, the pipeline generates screenshots for multiple devices.
At the time of writing this article it supports
Google Pixel, iPad Air 2, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 and Samsung S7 homepage previews

6. Email notification for deployments.

It automatically sends email to specified emails when the deployment succeed or fails. For more advanced notifications, you will need to subscribe to respective topic in AWS SNS service.

7. Pretty low cost for the ease.

The cost is pretty low for the ease you get. Although chances are you may not exceed free 1000 build minutes per month. Checkout detailed pricing here.

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Helping people produce better video content.

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