Cooperative Journey of Seele in Davos

In the season that the day freezes coldly, still can’t stop the world’s blockchain business people gathered to Davos. Actually don’t understand that there is no application of block chain landing in the world, why can GBBC send out a dozen block chain business awards?

Dr. Bi Wei and Dr. Gong Hui, Chief scientis and Digital currency expert of Seele also arrived in Davos. The weather in Davos was cold and Seele’s technology is cool, so that Dr. Bi finally caught a cold. Of course, communicating with people who know the technology is a wonderful thing. Seele chose to communicate and cooperate with Level 39 and Swisscom at the first stop in Davos.


Mr. Eric van der Kleij is the founder of Level39, the co-founder of Kickstart, and former CEO of TechCity. Kickstart FinTech project in the accelerator is by credit suisse, ernst & young, global financial science and technology association, the Swiss telecom Swisscome, life and ubs, and several major Swiss institutions jointly funded and driven. In February 2011, he was appointed chief executive of the Tech City initiative by the British prime minister. He then created Level 39, one of Europe’s largest centres for financial technology and smart cities.

Mr. Eric van der Kleij and Dr. Bi

Mr. Peter Hofmann is from Swisscom AG. Swisscom AG is Switzerland’s leading telecom provider and one of the leading IT companies, with its headquarters in Ittigen, near Bern, the capital. Swisscom’s international business is concentrated in Italy, where Fastweb is one of the largest broadband providers. Swisscom is one of the most sustainable company in Europe, as of the end of the third quarter 2017, more than 20000 employees generated sales of 8.6 billion Swiss francs, the Swiss government still holds a 51.0% stake.

Dr. Bi Wei、Dr. Gong Hui and Mr. Peter Hofmann

Summary of the meeting

Dr. Bi Wei and Dr. Gong Hui attended the Swisscom Pirate Hub meet up. At the meeting, Peter first introduced the basic situation of Swisscom and the innovative Fintech project and support for the block chain project.

Mr. Eric then introduced level 39, the C4DR (center for digital revolution) and their collaboration with Swisscom.

Dr. Bi introduced Project Seele for collaboration, and Dr. Bi said Seele was a technology ecology designed to provide a convenient, fast, simple, transparent and traceable trusted cooperation system. Dr. Bi cited Jack Ma in Davos speech “world needs trade. If the trade stops, wars start”. Dr. Bi says he can revise Jack Ma’s speech “the world needs collaboration. If collaboration stops, wars start”. Then, Dr. Bi said that Collaboration is difficult and expensive, and in many cases it is impossible to cooperate. And introduced the working principle of Seele, Neuron Consensus Protocol, Heterogeneous Forest Network and other features.