Emergency Response Plans for Impersonating Seele Community Administrators to defraud Ethereum

Dear Seele Community,

There were several projects suffering from hacker attacks during the course of token sales in 2017. For example, Coin Dash’s contributing ICO address was illegally modified by hackers during crowd funding, resulting in a theft of $7 million worth of ETH. The cause for such issues lies in insufficient security of the project’s official website. Therefore, Coin Dash offered CDT tokens to the victims for compensation.

In view that we have reiterated earlier that Seele Team has neither unveiled any detail concerning private token sales of Seele, nor started registration of whitelist, nor permitted any individual to provide token sale schemes in his personal capacity, we’d like to emphasize and reiterate that all community members should not trust the information or links sent by any individual or institution about Seele project token sales, but turn to the official website (seele.pro) and official email (contact@seele.pro) as well as information publicized on the official telegram group (t.me/SeeleANN)

However, the whole Seele Team expresses deep regrets for the incident that some people impersonated the community administrators to commit the fraud, and offers sincere apologies for the community members suffering from it. Seele Community management shall critically review the gross negligence existing in the community administration.

Therefore, Seele Team has stipulated the following plans in preferred order for tackling with emergencies:

1. To lower or retrieve the occurred financial losses to the maximum, we’re actively coordinating with overseas lawyers and all blockchains rights-safeguarding communities to investigate into any possible crime clues, and we’re actively getting touch with the enforcement sectors to participate in the investigation.

2. If plan 1 results in no success, we will move on to plan 2. We plead with the investors who were deceived in this incident to carefully fill in a Victim Information Registration Sheet in the stipulated format, so that we can carry out the verification, statistics and tackle with the follow-up matters when the lost eth cannot be retrieved. Seele Foundation shall make all the necessary refunds to all the victims who lost their funds to the scammers after the seele token sale has concluded.

‼️‼️Note: Any people attempting to submit a sheet by simulating a victim in order to gain compensation shall be taken into Seele blacklist on verification. ‼️‼️

3. Seele Team expressed hearty thanks to those community members who suffered from this incident but continue to support Seele Project. Seele Team shall stick to the professional technology realization and exploration. We shall reserve a special Bounty plan to reward those community members making special contributions to the community.

Further solutions and detailed clauses shall be issued soon. Thanks for your everlasting support for Seele Project.

Seele Team