Seele Monthly Report: February, 2018

February was an eventful month for Seele. As word of our project permeated the crypto space, Seele garnered substantial interest from the general public. Although our team spent significant time preparing for whitelist registrations, the final applicant count obliterated all expectations.

There will likely be a slight delay in our ICO schedule since more time is now required to evaluate the larger-than-expected number of candidates. As an additional note, our inbox is currently inundated with emails from interested parties. We apologize in advance if there is a delay in our response time. However, please rest assured that everyone’s questions will be addressed in an appropriate manner.

With that being said, we sincerely thank all of our supporters for making our community more vibrant and for helping us nurture the Seele ecosystem. Below is a brief summary of some of Seele’s accomplishments in February:

I. Community Development

1) Project milestone: Whitelist Registration successfully completed.

Whitelist registrations concluded on March 5th, 2018 at 06:00 (UTC). It was an unbelievable success! Seele received more than 50k applications. We are sincerely grateful for the community’s interest and eagerness to participate.

Seele’s whitelist registration process was unique in that it was the first-ever ICO that included an exam. Our aim was to help potential investors — as well as ourselves — determine whether the match was right and whether expectations were aligned. Our team members are still going through whitelist applications. We will invite the most qualified individuals for KYC by evaluating a combination of factors such as exam score, contribution to the Seele community thus far, etc.

2) Seele continued to expand its presence in the blockchain community.

On February 14th, Dr. Bi Wei was interviewed by ICO Drops, presenting a comprehensive introduction of Seele’s vision and idea.

On February 28th, Dr. Bi Wei and Mr. Gong Hui attended the Gibraltar International Fintech Forum 2018 and publicly discussed how Seele plans to tackle some of the challenges currently plaguing the blockchain space.

3) Seele started to compensate scam victims.

The Seele team reached an agreement with the victims of the recent incident and commenced compensatory procedures. The theft of ETH was committed by two professional scammers who impersonated actual Seele team members. Our team understands that the incident has attracted doubt and negative attention to our project. However, we would like to emphasize that we take full ownership of what has transpired and are determined to restore the public’s faith in our project, regardless of how long or difficult it may be.

4) Seele reinforced community security.

Over the past month, Seele made great strides in terms of strengthening its security system for community management and providing a safer environment for its community members. Moreover, Seele published an anti-fraud guideline, which provides tips and advice on how to identify scammers, to decrease the likelihood of future scam attacks.

5) Seele improved investor-team interaction.

Seele launched an online 24/7 AMA service, allowing potential investors to post their questions.

In addition, to further educate people on Seele’s technology and vision, our team decided to partner up with more prominent online personalities.

II. Technical Developments

1) GitHub

1.1 Added interface and implementation of Level for the storage and retrieval of blockchain data.

1.2 Added start, stop and restart for p2p nodes.

1.3 Added handshake for p2p communication encryption.

1.4 Added Various interfaces for node service.

1.5 Added definition and implementation of block header, body and transactions.

2) Website

2.1 Updated more information on our official website.

III. Summary of the Seele Community

As of March 3rd, 2018, 00:00 UTC,

1) has a total of 10,400 followers (1,423 more followers than the previous week, representing a 15.85% increase).

2) has a total of 1,666 followers (452 more followers than the previous week, representing a 37.23% increase).

3) Telegram Community

3.1 Seele International Channel has a total of 35,956 followers (6,797 more followers than the previous week, representing a 23.31% increase).

3.2 Seele Asia Channel has a total of 2,677 followers (1,200 more followers than the previous week, representing a 81.25% increase).

4) Youtube:

There are currently 37 videos about Seele (5 more videos than the previous week, representing a 15.63% increase).

The 37 videos have been viewed a total of 154,653 times (39,023 more views than the previous week, representing a 33.75% increase).

Thank you for reading our monthly report and making an effort to better understand Seele!

Note: Please only trust information from Seele’s official channels!

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