seele‘s statement

In the last two days, someone impersonated as an administrator of the Seele telegram group and committed fraud in the name of Nicholas Smith, causing economic loss to our investors.

The Seele team is sorry for what has happened. We are determined to investigate this matter thoroughly and will provide further information as soon as possible.

In the meantime, any constructive suggestions from the community are welcomed. Together we can create a better Seele.

Following an urgent discussion, we offer further solutions for the scam:

1. We have formed an emergency response team, set up an emergency hotline to communicate with the victims, and will provide regular updates about the latest findings. The official contacts are: telegram group( ID:Tiger0508). Email:

2. We reinforced a number of rules to our administrators after the scam and restricted the administrators’ privileges by using a double authentication method, i.e.: face recognition and scheduled login.

3. We have published the scammer’s wallet address and announced the event in blockchain related communities and exchange platforms in order to draw attention to investors and enable monitoring of this wallet address.

The scammer’s wallet address is 0xB3239EF7a0fC08d56402a44A5367b8cdDaf295b8

The scammer’s Smart Contract address is 0xbdfecccae041e9d33d901d240d4ae4eac8ed1b66

4. We are deeply sorry for the scam. Although Seele has not started the presale, we will take responsibilities to minimize the loss of community members by making detailed compensation plans.

5. We hereby remind all community members and blockchain investors that our official website is Any information about the project will be released through the official channels.

The Seele Team

Feb 4th, 2018