If you’re an outsourced service provider, what’s the benefit of Seerene?

Outsourced service providers are in a highly competitive, multi-billion dollar market. If their clients struggle to see the value being delivered it is all too easy for them to simply turn to another provider. With Seerene, you have the opportunity to differentiate your service and create new levels of alignment with clients. Seerene’s fact-driven KPIs make it clear that a project started on time, it is progressing well, and the code quality and documentation is up to expectations. This is the type of service that companies are going to come to expect. Service providers who proactively take this approach stand to command a premium and win more clients.

Today most of Seerene’s customers are Fortune 2,000 companies, but we’ve had really interesting conversations with the major service providers and look forward to developing the product with an eye on their unique requirements. If you’re interested in learning more or have ideas, let us know. We very much value your feedback.