Seerene Wins Inaugural Digital Top 50 Award

Seerene has been awarded the Digital Top 50 Award within the B2B Scale-Up category. The awards were announced on November 30 at the Slush Conference in Helsinki, a leading global event celebrating innovation and entrepreneurship.

The inaugural Digital Top 50 Awards were established by Google, McKinsey and Rocket Internet to celebrate Europe’s thriving tech scene and recognize top entrepreneurial talent, cutting-edge innovation and sharp business acumen. The winners were selected by the leaders from the European technology, business, investment and academic communities. As a Digital Top 50 award-winner, Seerene will be granted access to strong business partnerships and professional advice from the award founders — at the time when Seerene is scaling globally fast to provide businesses with previously inaccessible insight required for decision making in the digital age.

Seerene enables businesses to instantly extrapolate from an ocean of code and people interactions to clearly see what’s working, what’s not and why. With digitization transforming how businesses operate and grow, it’s crucial for CIOs to have a platform that allows them to make sense of their data and show a clear view of IT performance.

“We developed Seerene to empower businesses to make sense of, and thrive in, a new world not just dominated by software, but defined by it. We help businesses move forward and grow by pulling thousands of data points, technologies, resources and lines of code in one place — and visualizing it to give CIOs a clear view of what’s working and what’s not” said Oliver Muhr, Seerene CEO. “We’re very proud to be recognized as a Digital Top 50 and we look forward to our partnership with Google, McKinsey and Rocket Internet, as we continue to empower CIOs by making the invisible — visible.”

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