Poetry: Surely, the doubts will come…

In this world do not be afraid of the silence, the stillness and the doubts

For yes, the doubts shall surely come

Sometimes like a rushing wind

Suffocating the joy out of you

Sometimes like a thief in the night

Silently convincing you that you are less than you are

Fight it

For in this life I can’t always protect you

But I leave you in the hands I know can

I stay praying, with my knees to the ground and my grain of faith

Holding it tightly, I pray for your sanity, longing for the protection of your peace

My dear

This life is unpredictable

Filled with uncertainties and challenges

Sometimes the thorns and rose are visible

Sometimes the pain and the beauty are one

My love

Don’t give up

For surely this life will try and drain you

Leave your mind to its own demise

But remember my love

Even on days when you feel like it’s over

Remember the light has always been in the darkness