My thoughts about Sketch: How I turned my back on Photoshop

It’s already been a few months since I switched from Photoshop to Sketch (after 15 years of loyal service!) and it’s fair to say my latest design tool has drastically changed the way I work, and live for that matter. I go way faster with my design flow, it’s so much easier to use, much more organized, and contains a lot less tools than Photoshop which allows you to solely focus on what you need when you are working on UI and web design projects.

I applied this change to my design team and their first impression was that sketch is an incredibly intuitive design tool. It has a very clean and simple interface.

« It greatly simplifies design work, this is the most profound feeling Sketch has given me. It seems that I can achieve more in less time with Sketch than I could with Photoshop. I love the simple, intuitive interface and free operating experience. Sketch surrounding resources are also extremely useful, massive plugins can help us highly improve work efficiency. Zeplin for instance helps us to communicate more smoothly with the developers. Once you use Sketch, you will become hooked to it.»

Why did I make the jump to Sketch?

My team and I were having some trouble, too much hassle with Photoshop to do the most simplest of things, big size files that were slowing down our computers. I’d already heard and read a lot of good stuff about Sketch so I thought let’s give it a try and switch to this beast of an application that’s been overshadowing Photoshop for some time.

After only a few days of use, I was like «Wooow this is so cool, so much easier and simpler». Every action that I made was intuitive and faster including built-in grids, built-in layouts, copy-pasting everything easily, non-destructive tweaking, text styles and so on. PLUS there are so many plugins you can install to make your work easier.

Now that I’m convinced about Sketch’s capabilities and functionalities, I find fun in learning each of the tool’s shortcuts and tricks. This is such a dope app! I can’t and won’t ever go back to Photoshop again. I only ever use Photoshop for photo editor, that’s all!!

Why am I in love with Sketch?

It’s vector-based so it’s perfect when you are working on multiple resolutions, YES! We are living in the responsive age! So you don’t have to waste time exporting and slicing your design in 1x, 1.5x, 2x or in jpg, png, svg, you can do that in just one simple click. Easy right?

Using text styles and symbol features is soooo great, you can change the size of the image, text, change the font and the shape of your content once and then all the other styles and symbols you have created in your project will be automatically updated. Isn’t that cool?

Based on the nature of your design projects and the manner in which you like to work, there are many interesting plugins you can install. My favs:

Content generator plugin
Color picker
Sketch palettes

The rendering on sketch is also closer to what it will actually look like on the web.

So that’s pretty much all I think about this great tool for now. I know it may seem too good to be true, but Sketch has literally made my life much easier.

I advise any designer who works on Photoshop to give Sketch a try, you won’t be disappointed, you will work faster and save time and energy. PLUS it’s cheaper than Photoshop. No regrets so far.

What do you think about Sketch?

Don’t be shy! I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on the matter. Oh and if you liked the article, be sure to come back for the next episode or follow me so you can’t miss it. Simple.

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