Muvers, Gen Z, and Privileges: Stunning Impression at

Stories of Nabiila. A girl, new Data Analyst at and her impression there.

Once Upon a Beginning

Hi! Let me introduce myself. My Name is Nabiila. I am one of the luckiest people because has chosen me as a part of their team. Muvers, this is a call for us as’s squads.

Long story short, I was born outside a big city. Lack of information and education. Generally, It was hard for me and my surroundings to get access on good education and reach our bright dream on the future. It ended up me wrongly choosing my education fields. But fortunately, I still had a chance to go to a big city and study at a college. My parents supported me and I passed sequences of tests for continuing my study at college. Here’s my story begin!

Mix Feeling Adventure

College life is a super roller-coaster. Up and down. Laughs, tears, warm friendship, abandonment, hope, and despair. We felt them all at once.

I met a super awesome friend, 5 years ago. Just call her Lisa. She was a talented-creative girl. Her hand was magical. She could draw everything on her head to become reality. Her drawings are alive and warmly heart-touching. She was an illustrator. Nowadays, she’s famous thou, haha. I met her in a choir community.

We shared a lot. I wanna be like her. Find what to love and set it as our dream, achieve competencies and future. Whoever we are, we still have a chance for standing dreams as long as we have e strong willingness and eagerness to learn.

Thereupon, I explore possible intelligence that humans might have. Because we are all talented. Only, we haven’t found our superpowers. Drawing, linguistics, writing, singing, solving things logically, dancing, interpersonal, intrapersonal, gardening, etc.

My superpowers turned out to be unique. Many superpowers at once with different levels of the talent spectrum. Finally, I ended up with data. Math, IT, art. Various skills are needed at once. Perfect!

Become a Muvers, “I feel so Lucky”.

In a nutshell, I have found a way to continue my career in data even though I came from another study field, Management. I tried to find a company where I could explore dan practice my superpowers more. At the end of time, I need to choose between two basecamps. It was a hard decision.

Warm Interview Process

Lastly, I chose Why was it? I felt so connected. Enjoyable conversation during HR interview, and warm greetings from my manager on user interview. I was really fascinated with the interview. It seemed like a sharing session for me. I told them my background, and they told me informative feedback on my technical test submission. Not a perfect submission, but for me, it was like a mentorship. They appreciated the good sides of my work and gave me notes on which sides to improve. They also cared by asking about my extraversion personality and what support I need during work. I felt empathy and that was a green flag for me.

On-Boarding Day is a Yeay!

At the end of the process, I got the offer letter. I accepted it and continued on the on-boarding day!

Anyway, apply “Work From Anywhere (WFA)”. One of Gen-Z dreams to work from everywhere. The goal is we could still productive and finish our daily works. also understand women by giving them 6-months of maternity leave for women and 1-month paternity leave for men. Family matters.

On-Boarding Day!!

I met my Data team, Tech division. They are very welcoming, warm, chilled, genius, and inspiring. I met new friends and mentors. They have a good sense of humor too, LOL :D.

The manager introduced me all about this team and company. So well-prepared, complete, and detailed explanation. Everything is all in.

This is funny because I was not the one and only career-shifter. They are all except my manager. Psychology field, Food Technology, ‘till Electrical Engineering. What a coincidence! supports and gives chances for people’s future as long as we have a strong willingness to learn. That’s awesome.

First Daily Meeting. How did it feel?

If it was described in one word, it would be: FUN. It was so productive, effective, and enjoyable. Agile scrum technology which was adopted really help us to produce output in an effective way and time. Light jokes and chit-chat created a pleasurable atmosphere during the meeting.

I was also impressed with Muvers’ openness during the brainstorming session. Not a formality session, we really share what we felt, evaluated, and together found solutions for better conditions. No judgments, All I hear was support and appreciation. Professional and Empathetic co-workers!

End of the Tale

For me, It was perfect to find this company. The Journey has just begun. I hope I could perform well, learn, and share more with my buddies here. I feel so lucky to become a part of this team! I’m glad to be part of Muvers!



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