An important question: Who will do all this work?

I have a medium profile and a blog page. I share some articles sometimes. The purpose is not income or make self-promotion, just the idea of “I wanna tell something and I can tell these with writing easly”. Just that!

I explained myself and now we go to the subject. In last 1–2 years, there are lots of sharing on social media about design world. Actually, It had been done for a long time but lately these seem like an effort to become a “designer phenomenon” to me. Especially, social media platforms revealed “experts”; but now it jumped into design world.

Of course, there are “real experts” but since expertise is measured by the number of followers in recent years, we do not even hear the names of many people who are really experts in the business.

“Can I teach?”

Once upon a time, teaching was a trend. I don’t want to make fun of “the teachers” but in my opinion, if you haven’t done a job, you can’t teach. When we look at the backgrounds of the trainers, they generally did not have the experience/age to give training. This is likely a situation that benefits schools. Experienced trainers are not cheap! Why should schools increase costs?

A person who no experienced, have never done this job even not have a portfolio can teach you how to use programs. This is enough? Of course not! Design softwares are just tools. Tools only make one’s job easier. It doesn’t make you do the job yourself. It doesn’t show you how to do the job. Knowing how to use a program is not enough by itself.

I can use tools like drills, hammer but I can’t build a chair. Because I don’t have enough information. I don’t think I will get enough information from someone who has never made a chair in his life. He may have memorized thousands of different chairs in the world, the history of the chair down to the smallest detail; but this information means nothing if you haven’t made a chair. At least for me. If you never made a chair you’re unlikely to be able to teach how to make one.

Let’s Get Take Linkedin Likes!

The number of connections related to my own business is naturally more on LinkedIn. And I also participate in groups/pages related to my work. I’ve been asking recently “which UX is better?” His posts started to appear too much. I do not want to review these posts, because I think many of them have already misunderstood the subject. According to what is it “better UX”?

But it seems to me that some people, whether in the industry or not, are trying to be a “designer phenomenon”. This is understandable. Perhaps the industry may want the return of recognition because its average income is very low, it may want to open new doors for themselves, or it may want to experience what it feels like to be known. There may be many reasons for this situation; but while everyone wants to teach something to someone and show themselves, I want to ask the question I asked at the beginning: who will do all this work?

While everyone wants to teach someone something, who will apply what has been learned?



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