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PHOTO IS:RAEL 2022 — Selections

PHOTO IS:RAEL 2022 promotional image by Ismail Ferdous
Tair Adato (b. 1995, Israel). The Rest is Still Unwritten
Jean-François Bouchard (b. 1968, Canada). The Other Cuba
Fabiola Cedillo (b.1987, Ecuador). Los Mundos de TITA
Forest Kelley (b. 1980, United States). Michael
Hanna Putz & Sophie Thun (b. 1987 & 1985, Austria and Poland). White Flag
Hanna Rédling (b. 1993, Hungary). Color TV, Queens Bed, Exotic Dreams
Natália Evelyn Benčičová, Leontína Berková, Karina Golisová & Zuzana Pustaiová. Out of Square. Curated by Zuzana Lapitková



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