Why Did I Hear the Voice That Sounded Like Selena Quintanilla?

Since I was a little girl, I have studied and read the Bible with my mother. As I grew older, I began to hear the voice of the Lord like both of my parents. Then later, I began to have visions every once and a while. After that, I began to experience a little more. I didn’t feel so afraid after I found out that there were other people in the world that understood and had the same experience.

When the famous singer Selena Quintanilla was shot by Yolanda Saldivar in 1995, it happened so fast and suddenly. I did not know much about her, but I knew she was a rising star and had seen it pronounced on television. I did not see much about the death of Selena because there was no internet and cable TV at the time at home. After she was shot, that is when I heard a few of her songs in English. Then I saw the bio movie of her starring Jennifer Lopez.

In the year of 2010, Selena hit my memory as I was searching YouTube. That’s when I saw everything. I was listening to her sing. When everything was quite, I heard a voice that sounded like Selena’s voice in my mind saying, “When you are high up in fame, you have got to let the people know that you are only human.” I did not understand how or why I was hearing Selena, but I knew I was hearing her voice in a spiritual sense. It could have been an angel. All that I knew, a good message was sent to me in her voice. Everyone has there own beliefs about things in life. However, I believe that it was nothing evil, because evil do not bring good messages.

After the year of 2010, I did not feel motivated as I always did. I heard Selena’s voice again saying, “Go to the doctor.” I ignored the voice that sounded like Selena’s voice. The voice would not go away. It began to worry me. So finally at last, I went to the doctor, and I had to get a blood transfusion. Then I thought about how Selena had lost blood when she was shot by Yolanda. Selena died, and I could have been dead also. I thank God for the guide and the voice that led me. Why did I hear a voice that sounded like Selena Quintanilla? Well, she believed in God when she was living, and I also believe in God. He works in mysterious ways and good messages are sent from heaven.