News Announcement! Selendra Blockchain Mainnet Launched!

The Selendra Genesis!

On the morning of Wednesday, February 2, 2022 at 6:47:06 AM GMT+07:00 in Cambodia, the Genesis of Selendra was produced. This is the first block of its Blockchain.

The genesis hash :: 0x8dbbe8a37d4c62d14835ba0f7e3baf70cf4b93a3e98c53d69544a7b9ea42d0df

The Updates & Immediate Actions for You!

1. Account Import

You can now import your account at by signing in and importing .json file or seed that you saved from

2. Airdrop Deadline Extension

To apologize for the inconvenience of #BitrielWallet bugs, the airdrop team will extend the deadline to February 7th by 10:00 PM (GMT+7).

If you have not created any account yet, you can create an account directly at Then, submit the address you have created to

3. Mainnet Token Auction

We open up $SEL to more people who request to contribute a small amount to bond/stake as nominators to earn more $SEL for helping to secure the network. The Token Auction will have a maximum contribution of USD 100 equivalence and minimum of USD 10 per contributor.

Announcement about the Token Auction will be in 2 weeks or so!

4. $SEL BSC Burn

$SEL on BSC will be burned, except tokens that are already hold 60,000+ holders + token that reserved for auction and bridge testing token. Altogether, there will be 324,393,043 $SEL left on BSC. The total initial token supply at network launch is 1.14 billion $SEL or around 36.52% of total max token supply, which is designated to airdrop, foundation/governance (use for 10 years), teams (vesting 15 years), token sale (minimum vesting is 1 year) read the paper.

63.48% will be left for inflation governed by the network and $SEL token holders.

The SEL Max supply will be 3,141,592,653. The method to cap will be proposed in the next few years. At this stage, we will focus on the use case development and on-boarding users. The goal is to get 10 millions users by 2025. Not a guarantee but a doable number. If we exceed the goal, then we will be really happy.

5. Selendra Blocks Scan

We will also add Selendra Blocks Scan for people to easily track states and accounts in the Selendra blockchain.

6. Selendra Native Parachain

Similar to Polkadot, Selendra mainnet is a relay chain. To keep it light, we don’t have EVM on relaychain, only the main feature. Thus, we introduce Indranet, a native parachain of Selendra. Indranet will open up many possibilities for developers, students, universities, enterprises, organizations and even the government to benefit from the low cost, high throughput Selendra network.

7. Native Dapps & DeFi

In the next coming months, there will be many drops of Dapp & DeFi projects spinning out of Selendra. There will be Staking, Swapping, Farming, Lending, Borrowing, Leveraging, experimenting yet innovative stablecoin, and even payment. 2022 is going to be tons of excitement!

Stay tuned and thanks 3.14 billions for being on this long awaited and long journey!




Our mission is to empower developers to create Blockchain user-friendly applications for general users in asset tokenization, contents storage and computing, identity and governance, vote and other internet based micro-transactions.

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