Bitriel Wallet — A Crypto Asset Wallet

Bitriel Wallet is a digital wallet management application for cross-chain assets, staking and governance operations, collection, and self-owned private key.

Bitriel Wallets are used to store and transact SEL tokens and many other cryptocoins. Wallets can be integrated into any application where a use case exists, connecting the application to the Selendra main chain.

Crypto assets can be stored offline like Trust Wallet, or a wallet incorporated into a crypto-asset exchange network. A few exchange networks we do recommend are Binance, Kraken, and Poloniex. Once it is connected to your favourite crypto-asset exchange network, you can purchase BTC, USDT, or other popular crypto assets there.

An all-around good choice for a wallet is the Trust Wallet, the Metamask Wallet, or Selendra’s own Bitriel Wallet. All wallet application recommendations above are available on Google Play Store and Apply Store.

To buy crypto assets in Cambodia directly from individuals instead of through a crypto exchange network, visit to connect with a group of local professionals.

In other regions around the world, you should be able to find similar groups through websites such as that facilitate direct and independent local buying and selling of crypto assets. Once you have your wallet and hold a balance of crypto assets, you may exchange your crypto assets for Selendra (SEL).

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Rithy THUL

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