Selerio Journey to Exit

Ghislain Fouodji
May 21, 2019 · 2 min read

Selerio is a computer vision startup born out of Cambridge University working on cutting edge 3D mapping for Augmented Reality. It was founded by Flora Tasse, CTO, PhD from Cambridge University and Ghislain Fouodji, CEO, an ex-tech lead at Amazon Web Services.

We teamed up after Flora’s breakthrough thesis on object understanding from color and depth sensors, to further develop her research into a commercial product. Ghislain brought in his experience with building products for millions of customers at AWS. This was a natural fit. The fact that we are siblings did not hurt. Yes, the co-founders met many years ago in Douala, Cameroon and stayed in touch ever since :).

With the backing of Entrepreneur First and TinyVC at the inception stage, we set up Selerio and started building our IP. The initial funding was later followed on by reputable VCs such as Betaworks, GGV and Greycroft, who understood the importance of Selerio tech for immersive experiences in AR.

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To create a truly immersive AR experience you need a couple of things: the exact layout of the physical world (geometry), 3D objects present in the world around you (read: context), and their respective characteristics (read: 6-DOF pose). These are extremely challenging tasks, even more so because we have to solve these key problems on mobile devices:

The team set out to achieve exactly that and we were proud to announce our results with the release of the Selerio SDK.

With this first exciting milestone behind us, we had a new goal for the next step: accelerating the deployment of our technology in a way that would best empower AR consumers. One fellow AR company, Streem, caught our attention with one of the most practical, palpable, use of mixed reality. In light of this, we decided to make a strategic move and join forces.

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Team from left to right: Dr. Pavan Kumar, Mr. Ghislain Fouodji, Dr. Flora Tasse

Streem is Portland-based technology company on the path to realising one of the largest deployments of utility consumer AR this year. Having known them for a while, we look forward to this massive move in the AR space. What happens when you bring together proprietary AI/Vision deep tech and an enterprise AR application that solves real-world problems? A win for the future of spatial computing.

We are excited to continue this journey under Streem’s umbrella!

Ghislain and Flora.


Context-aware interactions in AR

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