Self Authoring Virtues: Know How to Go With The Flow

We have to love people that don’t love us.

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

Otherwise we are only giving in to validating their ideas and reasoning for not loving us in the first place. We have to be able to give others the benefit of the doubt and we have to be willing to show compassion when others have wronged us. Punishment only adds fuel to a fire and almost never succeeds in teaching someone a lesson. Usually it makes people want revenge or restitution. So I’m asking that — where ever you can — have mercy on those that offend you. This requires a level of personal awareness that a lot of people cannot summon in this chaotic state of affairs. It is up to those of us that have learned to connect with Source; we must manifest love.

It’s only a matter of time before the media gets people so worked up that something irreversible happens. I’ve watched people jump from one narrative to the next chewing off bits of information like scavengers tearing apart a carcass; the meat of the story, already consumed in profits by the big media conglomerates. News cycle after news cycle, people become more fearful or more angry. They sit in their living rooms as ticking-time bombs, waiting for the exact moment to launch their social media update that highlights their opinion, which was spoon fed to them by a pundit from a biased news network. We cannot agree on everything. Not only would that make life dull, but it also enters into a very dark realm of limitations on our freedom of thought.

Guidelines for General Improvement

This ability to go with the flow is rooted in the faith I have that everything is going to be okay. It sounds like a naive approach to life, but it isn’t. Believing in love is the first step to experiencing it. If we do not believe love exists, we will never find it. The same is true for flow, because flow is moving through life in a state that feels like love. The passion with which we move towards our goals produces the state of flow. We cannot force ourselves into a state of flow and we cannot fake it.

The messages we transmit from our mind can be received by everyone around us. When we are frustrated, we tend to express that to others, unless we bottle it up, in which case: people still sense it, but everyone is quiet about it. It just leads to a tense feeling and makes people not want to be around us. That feeling of being up against a brick wall with nowhere to move is the opposite of flow. Nothing about flow is tangible, but it is something we can embody.

Flow is a mental state that we can get better at accessing the more we practice. If we tap into gratitude for what we already have, that is a great place to start. From there, we can begin to free ourselves from sense-produced pleasures; all those addictions that we enjoy through the five senses only serve to perpetuate our suffering and stifle our flow. This allows us to determine what it is that we enjoy working on and how we wish to do that work so that we have a sense of meaning in this world.

Originally written in Collective Journaling at The Stoa



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