The Temple of Dreams

Today for my journaling session, I continued the Self Authoring Suite and began setting goals for my Future.

2.1. Title and Briefly Describe Your Ideal Future

The Temple of Dreams

Ideally, I will be traveling the world searching for secrets of lost civilizations and eras of time. I am well-respected by those that matter to me and unfazed by the opinions of those that do not. I am comfortable traveling solo because I know I will make friends where ever I go. I will visit the Great Pyramids, Gobekli Tepe, and any other monuments that fall on ley lines. I will never become too sure of my opinions but I will allow myself to be led by Divine Guidance. I will receive funding to carry out things I enjoy doing. I will be prosperous in my pursuit of wisdom and will meet people from all walks of life. I will remain healthy and focused on my own well-being. I will treat my body like a temple. I will have many opportunities to go to extreme environments like Antarctica and the Amazon Rainforest, and I will be in the company of people whom I trust. I’ll always have enough food and water. I will find peace in this world for myself to feel at home anywhere I go.

2.2. Specifying and Clarifying Your Goals

Goal 1

I want to allow life to guide me.

I want to be open and receptive to whatever life offers. I want to live fully and love deeply. I want to meet so many friends and remember their names. I want to see the beauty in any struggle I encounter. I want to organize my life in a way that allows me to change course based on which way the wind hits my sails. I want to have deep trust in God.

Goal 2

I want to travel solo

I want to be able to travel by myself and explore new places. I want to do this alone so that I feel more comfortable in this world. I want to know that I can trust myself.

Goal 3

I want to take care of myself

I want to know that I can provide for myself. I would like to learn as much as I can from others about how to be self-sufficient. I want to be open to receiving information and life lessons from the experiences of others.

Goal 4

I want to be clear about my boundaries.

I find that the feeling of being uncomfortable in conversations is something that gives me anxiety. In the past I have not had boundaries because I was worried about making other people feel uncomfortable. I want to be confident in my ability to defend the boundaries that I have and not so concerned with how other people feel about them.

Goal 5

I want to create daily meditations

I would like for my life to revolve around meditation and helping others understand what meditation really is. My goal is to create meditations in advance based on astrological archetypes so that I can share them and participate in them with others.

Goal 6

I want to write a book that resonates with other people.

I want to write a book that other people enjoy and want to read. I want to engage my readers and organize my words in a way that makes them feel inspired and enthusiastic about continuing on this journey of life.

— Bonus Goals that are not as high priority

Goal 7

I want to start conversations with strangers without feeling uncomfortable

I want to be able to talk to people in a way that my boundaries are clear. I want to engage in conversation with strangers so that they do not seem so threatening. I just need to be absolutely certain of my intentions so that I can convey those to whomever it is I meet.

Goal 8

I want to be debt free.

I would like to pay down my credit card debt and do so by the end of 2023. At an average of $200 per week I could pay off my debt in a year. I want to make enough money to feel comfortable applying that much to my lines of credit.

2.4.1. Evaluating Your Motives

I want to allow life to guide me

Its interesting to me that this was the highest priority because I wrote this goal last. I think the other goals that I was thinking up all rely on this goal of allowing life to guide me. I want to be Divinely led. To a certain degree, I would feel somewhat anxious if I did not follow this goal. I have found that my desires are not always coming from a place of love. They tend to come from a place of lack; a fear of uncertainty. Rather than asking will I be pleasing others, I will know that I am pleasing that which guides me. I am pursuing this goal because it is, above all, the most important to aspire toward. I am pursuing this goal because I am comfortable and I found this state of mind through sitting still and listening rather than acting on my every impulse. The pursuit of this goal is Divine. It is magical. It inspires me and gives me a feeling of connection with everything in this world. This goal is part of a deeply felt personal dream that we are all participating in a Divine Comedy and lightening up will open up the door for pure bliss. This goal is part of a deeply felt personal dream that I am one part of a larger whole and my path is filled with wonderful surprises when I am moving toward my highest good.

Originally written in Collective Journaling at The Stoa



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