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Self Confidence

This is a day of stillness and of peace

Photo by Daniel Mingook Kim

When I first began to explore the notion that thought is not only perceptive, but creative, there was a lot of doubt in my mind.

I remember at one point I was driving to my plumbing job in the morning. I was trying to think positive, and I felt a negative thought intrude.

I just said to myself, “this whole thought creating reality thing is so fucking stupid, fuck it.” And so I decided to feed my negative thoughts like no tomorrow — as if they were an annoying child begging for attention.

“Today’s just going to be a shitty day,” I started telling myself, “That’s just how it’s gonna be. It’s gonna suck.” I was laughing at the idea that thinking those thoughts can even make a difference.

Then I pulled up to my job. My team threw me a thin coverall.

Flooded crawlspace.

I opened a one-foot high hatch, went on my stomach, and crawled through it to go inside. Biggest rat poops I had ever seen (probably raccoon poop) floating on atop of the dirty smelly water. Mud and sharp rocks mixed in that punctured the suit. I spent most of the day swimming in that.

It was humbling. And when it was all over, I thought to myself, “maybe I gotta pay a bit closer attention to how I think. Maybe there is something to this…”

At the time I saw that experience as evidence for the power of thought to attract circumstances. I was under the impression that my negative thoughts in the morning had influenced, attracted, manifested, created — however you want to say it — the negative circumstance I found myself to be in later.

But in actuality, my experience of the negative circumstances of the job was actually just the experience of the continuation of negative thoughts from the morning.

I was still experiencing my own mind, but it just got to the point where my thoughts began to look so real that I fell into their false reality.

I was still riding the same train of thought that I hopped on in the morning. I was still dreaming with negative thought. The dream just felt so real I forgot it was me and only me.

What appears as circumstantial, as poop, mud, and sharp rocks — things that you can’t seem to just change your mind about — is just a negative state of mind weaving meaning out of nothing.

There’s no need to change circumstances to live a happier life. All that’s needed is for our state of mind to change.

Don’t fall for it! See that it’s your own dream and release it. There you find peace again. Peace can never leave you. Peace is yours eternally. It’s your birthright. Only a thought can obscure it.

This is why peace of mind is always an instantaneous experience.

We all have a positive nature underneath it all. When we allow a cloud of negativity to pass, all that’s left is positivity — a peaceful stillness. It’s a feeling that stands on its own. Nothing can take your true nature away from you. It’s the foundation of who you are.

Your whole experience of life can be positive, peaceful, and beautiful from this simple realization.

Every day can be a day of stillness and peace.



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