Ford’s Road to Full Autonomy
Ford Motor Company

Ford Embraces Silicon Valley

As a Ford alum, I am so excited and proud for Mark Fields’s announcement today that Ford is fully embracing Silicon Valley.

In the past six months, Ford has:

  • Invested in Pivotal, one of Silicon Valley’s leading software firms
  • Invested in Velodyne, one of Silicon Valley’s leading autonomous vehicle suppliers
  • Invested in Civil Maps, one of Silicon Valley’s leading autonomous vehicle startups
  • Acquired two new buildings to complement its Research and Innovation Center — Palo Alto
  • Planned to double the size of its Silicon Valley engineering staff

Ford is a 113 year-old company with 200,000 employees, $150 billion in revenue, and a headquarters in Detroit, Michigan.

Companies like Ford don’t usually embrace change. Having been inside Ford, I can tell you why — it’s really hard.

Ford’s willingness to dive into Silicon Valley and technology, instead of holding it at arm’s-length, is a testament to the leadership of Mark Fields, Raj Nair, and Ken Washington. And it bodes well for Ford’s future in the world of self-driving cars.

I am so excited that Ford is not content as a tremendous success of the 20th century, and I look forward to watching them tackle the 21st century head-on.