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Tesla Model 3 (LA Autoshow 2017)

I Took A Tesla Model 3 For A Road Test

Tesla Model 3 Sedan (Source: TESLA)
Physical Dimensions (Source: Car And Driver Magazine)
Model 3 Size Specifications (Source: Car And Driver Magazine)
Model 3 Body Structure (Source: TESLA)
From the garage of The Grove (Los Angeles, CA)
The door handle on the Model 3 requires pushing against it to pop out the handle.
The Model 3 Touch Screen Console
Model 3 interior with the touch screen console (Source: TESLA)
Front of the Tesla Model 3
Model 3 Demo Using Enhanced Autopilot Features (Source: TESLA)
Driving an EV on the streets of Los Angeles was not bad.
The touch screen console centralizes all functions and controls of the Model 3.
Eco-friendly, zero emission electric vehicle



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