Startup Watch: Nauto

TechCrunch reports that the startup Nauto has raised $12 MM for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

The article is otherwise a little vague, but indicates that Nauto is using off-the-shelf components to help alert drivers to upcoming accidents.

According to their website, Nauto:

is building the onramp to an autonomous driving future with an artificial intelligence-powered connected camera network and smart cloud system.
NAUTO observes, learns and makes driving safer, easier and more efficient today.

Update: A Nauto advisor contacted me to clarify that Nauto is not delivering an ADAS product or service:

We don’t consider Nauto to be in the ADAS category because it’s a more systemic, comprehensive solution that indeed does include hardware and a data platform, as well as custom feedback tools like scoring and coaching. Right now, what we’re shipping is a retrofit solution that will work in any vehicle and provide the kind of networking and safety features that are now only available in lux vehicles like Tesla or Mercedes S class. But one of the things we are doing with OEM partners like Toyota and BMW is pooling data, licensing our tech, deploying our devices and collaborating on solutions that could be baked into production vehicles in the not too distant future.
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