When Meditation can be deadly and dangerous, DANCE!

Quite simply, there are two kinds of dispositions in a human in terms of growth, development, and movement: the state of being in movement, and the state of being in rest.

Esoterically speaking, rest and movement are two sides of one reality. Rest enabled movement, and good, well-carried out, balanced movement is not only rest-in-action, but it enables the body to rest and relax more.

But all our realities and experiences, for the purpose of this life, are housed in the body. It is the towering structure of the lighthouse of consciousness and awareness we are. We live in the world through our body, to put it simply.

And the body does not always benefit from rest, but also from movement.

Since there are two states of the body’s movement/rest, there are also two types of maladies that accrue from the excesses or recesses of these states:

hyperactivity and lassitude

Additionally, attention and coordination issue stem from mis-coordinated speeds of the body and mind. Hyperactive minds can be calmed through putting bodies in rest. Lassitudinous minds can benefit from putting bodies in action. Lazy bodies can do well with faster minds, and active bodies can use the mind to slow down.

Meditation can slow and stretch you. This is not always the necessary cure, especially if you have a great deal ofworkload or duties to take care of. No amount of meditation can dispel your anxiety if you do not take care of your affairs.

Therefore, take care of affairs. Do the tasks. Do the laundry. Process and eliminate the paperwork. Create better system that will lessen your workload while enhancing delivery and performance. Interact with life. And, if you need extra therapy, dance. Yes, simply dance.

Raise your arms in the air and twist and twirl and howl and growl and shout and say pretty or foul things. Make movement. Squeeze those thoughts and memories and events out of your cells, where they have become entrenched. This is not voodoo. Biological cells receive, store, process information relating to the events of your life, such as hunger, love, sex, stress. If the event is not fully executed, or is not executed with attention, the cell retains that information, that command. As far as it understands it, the event is still there to be executed and handled.

These orders and commands can become a backlog in the body, and since cells communicate with the mind, this cacophony of needs and desires can wreak havoc upon the mind and self.

Dance is a bio-mechanical way of squeezing and sweating the juice out of your body and cells. With the juice and sweat are released the chemicals that are carrying in old commands and parameters and thoughts. That is why, dance may refresh you, provided you are breathing and eat well in addition to dance. Even in the very fatigued, dance is more than not likely to create a change for the better.

Think of dance not in terms of fashionable choreography, but meaningful stretches and movement. You can, if you wish, sing a ridiculous, free flowing song with your therapeutic dance, or make noises, or make faces, or jump, sigh, howl. All these acts achieve the same purpose: an exorcising of the toxins, the chemicals, the demons.

Dance, therefore. Stretch your arms. Move your neck. Contort your face. Express your emotion. Pull your hair. Pretend to hold a big ball. Imagine walking over a dyke. Make a tree your dancing partner, and wrap around the trunk. This is not just madness. This is madness-on-purpose.

Sanity, you will come to know, is the reward of this madness. The sign of it may well be that after that silly hilarious dance, you may feel a little ashmed of yourself. “What was I thinking there, to dance like that, to act the clown, the joker in the deck of cards?”


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