One-Minute #Meditation

“I like all that talk of inner peace. But how do I get it? I do not get time for myself!”

You can meditate to calm your mind. To do so, start. But where, you ask, if you have no time?

You do not need to begin with a twenty-minute, twice-a-day meditation. Start with One Minute. In the morning. Get up. Put your feet on the floor. Breathe. Say, “This minute is mine.” Breathe. Start the day.

You have opened a tiny door with that One Minute into another world, where you have strength, power, silence, creativity. Gradually, you can poke another hole into the cramped day with another minute.

Keep on tearing holes into this (im)poster of a Busy Life in front of you by poking it with One Minute here, One Minute there. It will soon begin to tear down fully. You’ll be free — which means you’ll now *willingly* live the life of your dreams.

Ritual prayer or meditation lets you poke many holes throughout the day into that fabric of falsehood. Therefore as soon as you can afford to, establish regular prayer or ‘stopping/silencing’ time. In silence, you may stretch or do some movement, and make shouts, chants, or prsyers specific to that movement. Then resume regular activity.

I have one caution though: don’t demand yourself to be at peace. Agitation and alarm are a part of life; only occasionally. Just like the doorbell of a house, they sometimes ring to alarm you of the arrival of something new or urgent within yourself. Just like a doorbell, you must attend to them. Because if you don’t, then just as real guests do, the arrivals will start ringing louder and kicking the door. This signals inner need for attention.

So please know you are not a bad person for having inner disquiet. It happens, and perhaps you didn’t cause it; something completely external, like news on TV or food poisoning, did it. But you have to work at and through it. And for that, you have to find at least that first One Minute of quiet.

You can do it!

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