I suddenly wonder if I am crazy to think that anyone cares about what I have to say…
I Got Scared
Rosemary Nonny Knight

RosemaryNonnyKnight, hello, I really like your articles and your way of thinking, you are a very evolute person with a very intense spiritual awakening you inspire me thank you to help people see more clearly, me my spiritual awakening, I had it Has a tragedy when the woman of my life died, and her I began to ask myself what my life mission on earth and life is not just eating work, having children and sleeping and dying, Now I opened my eyes I know you understand what I mean,all to say that I admire you and continue to pass a beautiful message to this population, God bless you. from a simple person who has decided To change is life, and I write by moment small positive thinking here on medium writer of thought coming from my heart, I know am not as professional as a writer but its my new passion and I go, thank you inspire me 🙂👍