Swollen Head Profile

Warning some vulgar passages please excuse me, because I am true and sincere person, and nowadays there no many and this is perhaps the reason for my outspoken!

When I see that some have more than 4.5 k subscribers who follow them and they barely follow 200 of all the people who support it, Wow what respect for its readers.

That’s why I decided to clean up those I follow and those who do not follow you on return ,all my networks example, twitter, pinterest and so on.

Because I simply find that is a total lack of respect towards his audience, who by the fact besides they have born of this and to make themselves known and to make a professional career his inflates me!

I see a lot in addition to profiles. (rock stars topics) Who are like that and yes those who recognize themselves within it to you I am addressing!

Eventually you do not worry about it when it comes from a little ass hole like me we have just 2 follow me lol .who just loves to write to share his thoughts with the community.

Maybe I’m sure my articles are not as well structured as you pros, but I and it does not prevent me to continu and persevering in a completely new field for me, and writing From the bottom of my heart and my soul and to share it with those who like reading or not and especially as a pastime because I am not renumere for its on the contrary is cost me to write Lol but there is not the question.

In summary not be afraid to go into new horizons, area, passions, career, in your life and do not let yourself be discouraged by others who criticize where tell you you go to plant yourself and etc because its rare people who Will compliment you,and instead serve you from his critics as a driving force to show them the Have been wrong !

Written by Stéphane Léveillée