Empty Cups

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In the end, it comes down to one sip. The last drip. The moment you hear the faint drained intolerance to the unsaid bits.

Echos unspoken, crawling behind the smiles — fake. You know they know. You know because you can’t unknow the ‘unuttered’ hate.

But you sip. You can’t spit. Because you know good and bad things come in threes. You know it’s inevitable. Variation is the way of the end, the truth of growth, the price and prize of change.

So you sip. Cold, hot, warm, milk, dark, chocolate. You sip. A blip. A spot. A smudge. You sip.

Because only empty cups get to be filled again.

Hi! It’s been a while. I know…My country Cameroon is currently under a series civil and political changes. One of the effects of the multiple events we’ve had has been the internet shutdown in the Anglophone Regions of the Country since the 17th of January. It kinda sucks since I live in the SW Region of the Nation. I had to take a bus to post this. Sheesh. #bringbackourinternet

Anyway, I’ve finally understood that publishing and writing isn’t exactly the same thing. So, I’ll be back with a lot more and on a consistent basis.

Take care.
Your friend, T.K.

Tchassa Kamga lives in Buea, Cameroon. This part of the country hasn’t had internet in over a month. He’s learning the intricacies of curating events and documenting them at the find dining restaurant and cultural hub- IYA Buea. He has three episodes on his podcast . He also takes blatant pictures on Instagram.

He co-writes with C. Befoune on this publication — Self-ish . Their goal is to share the lessons they’ve learnt from multiple sources in the domains of Self-improvement, Content Creation and Human Relationships.

You can easily get him on Twitter.

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