Finding Myself.
Glory Mafor

In the age of Facebook milestones and expressions of friendship via Whatsapp updates, it’s easy to get forget to “refresh”, not just our browsers, but our lives too.

I don’t know how you must have felt. But, as an introvert who needs hours of alone time to raise his energy levels, I understand how it feels.

You fall 7 times and wake up 8 times. That’s that dance of this world.

There is no such thing as failure either — either failing yourself or your family. Only learning and success. Perspective is everything.

Plus, when you ask yourself “What’s the worse that could happen?”, you realize that in the grand scheme of things, our only job is to keep on keepin’ on.

I’m glad to have you back here. I look forward to reading more of you. There is a content lacuna from our edge of the world and you do have quite the knack for words and melody.

Will you be gracing us with some of your poetry anytime soon? *smiles*

I wish you the best Glory Mafor M.. Know that I love you. You are worth love. You are a beautiful and loving soul. A kind hearted human and generous friend.

It’s okay to fall. Just don’t stay down for too long.

We need you too.