It’s all of you

It’s in the hug that curls slowly 
across the room full of strangers 
the fight night we met at the student hostel.

It’s in the private party I’m privy to
 every morning when I wake 
reluctantly to your gentle nudge.

It’s in the stolen look I got 
before you left for work,
 the one you didn’t see me take, 
the one I didn’t want to get you late for.

It’s in the fragrance that trails your departure, 
your exquisite signature whiff, 
I’d recognize it in a few hundred others — not more.

It’s in the ‘I miss yous’ and the unspoken ‘never leave mes’, 
it’s in the tight grip during TWD sprees.

It’s in the random back rub,
the instinctive zit busting. 
It’s in the warm soup for the sick 
and the day you lied to your boss to help me sleep.

It’s you. It’s all of you.

Tchassa Kamga

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