Sound of a heartbeat part III

Tonight, like any other night since you’ve been gone,
I feel alone.
The hollow sound of my empty heart is quelled only by the incessant rambling of the world;
It won’t stop, they will not give me peace.
Society forces us to put up a front so I roll with it

Do you do the same?

I laugh when they laugh, I smile when they do.

Do you do that too?

Now you’ve forced me to confront my greatest fear.
Where there once was fullness, there is a void…
You said you know how I would feel,
That you were trying to protect.
In a world with only you and me
now there is a void.

You have to move on they say
take care of yourself they say!

Do you hear that too?

You deserve to be loved they say,
You bring joy everywhere you go I hear,
Can you believe that?
How can I be a light when there is no one to shine upon?
“It’s not you it’s me
If you love me leave…”

I often wonder,
For one that has suffered so much 
do you know what a breaking heart sounds like?
Mine didn’t sound like anything,
It just disappeared
consumed by fear, anger, lust, pain;
consumed by love, a dying love.

The sound of a heartbeat has become the sound of a heartbreak,
and it doesn’t sound like anything.