You’ll never be ready.


I thought I’d get some enlightenment after the accident. That I’d suddenly figure out the truth about life and engage in a non-stop marathon of value creation in the community I live in.

But I found my answer in something else. Something…happier- a weekend with honest people. Then another in the laugh of a the most confident woman I know.

And I found the real hurdles that required immediate practical changes.

My answer

Laugh more. Breathe deeply. Don’t gossip. Don’t worry about the future. Be grateful for life. Be radically positive. Kiss more. Hug more. Tell your friends you love and miss them. Listen to your mother. Call your sister. Speak your truth quietly- especially to your family. Don’t assume you know anything. The world owes you nothing. The worse that could happen to a request is “No”. Everyone is equally scared about death. Ask for help. Party with friends. Laugh harder. Spend time with people who love you. Love completely, even if your heart has been broken into a thousand pieces.

If you don’t do something about your situation, even Heaven will curse your life. I believe this.

To those who have, more shall be given.

My Real Hurdles

Time management, self-discipline, energy levels and accountability.

My Solutions

  1. Google Calendar
  2. Evernote
  3. Sleep
  4. Feeding properly( Keyword: Breakfast)
  5. Tricking myself into finishing projects I am passionate about or finding someone else to hold me accountable. ( I did a podcast episode today. The ball is rolling. I can feel the momentum already).

Why it’s important to start

You can test ideas. You can find out if you’re resilient enough to stick to one course. You learn a lot about the real world from actual execution that from mental iteration. You get to say with confidence that something doesn’t work for a particular reason and have the experience to back it. You get to fail and get over the fear of failure. You stand a real chance to succeed too.

But the biggest reward comes from pushing against the thread of reality to etch your name on the canvas of mankind. Keep in mind the words that describe this thing called “life”:

It’s just an experiment- AJ Jacobs.

When you start, your chances of making a dent in the fabric of the world as we know it stop being equal to zero. And you never know what beautiful gifts Karma reserves for those who dare to believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Hi. I’m Tchassa Kamga. Journalism and Mass Communication graduate living in Buea, Cameroon. I’m about to begin a Masters degree in African Literature. I host a podcast and I freeze stuff on Instagram. You can find me on Twitter and Facebook as well. I love banter. We should chat sometime. What do you think?

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