You’ll Never Know Until You Try

You’ll never know if you give up now.

Photo by William Stitt on Unsplash

There’s a difference between ‘giving up’ and ‘quitting’.

One involves knowing when to stop down a road.

The other involves not putting the effort required to reach the end of the road.

I’ve done both. I’ve talked myself into quitting when I should have held my head up. I’ve let myself down, talked myself into failure.

I’ve killed projects before they were born.

I’ve gotten lazy, disappointed people who knew what I could do, and even those who had heard good things about me.

It’s not a nice feeling to hate oneself. I know it all too well.

I can’t tell I’ll never give up on me. That would be preposterous. I don’t know the future.

But, I know that being self-aware of : the cycle, of my personal legend, of my talents, of my skills, of my context, and of the hard work and patience required is one way to be able to know when to quit.

Or not to.

If you want to achieve something you never have, you must be ready to do something you’ve never done.

Whether it’s physical, spiritual, emotional, or mental success.

Define what success means for you. Get the information you need. Ignorance isn’t bliss.

Ignorance is stupidity. You don’t have to Google everything. You can ask someone who is better than you.

Find how you learn (mentoring, studying, YouTube videos, podcasts, both?), and ready yourself.


That’s how you know why you’re on earth. That’s how you can end a project and not mind what people think.

That’s how you know that even though you have disappointed people in the past, you can still be a better version of who you are.

The Lord made us in His image. There’s infinite wisdom in this. The human brain and the universe are still mysteries for a reason.

Don’t give up yet. Give up when necessary. And the only way to know when to do that is by having enough (not too much) information to dicern the difference.

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Tchassa Kamga lives in Buea, Cameroon. This was written in his pyjamas. At home. Under myopic influence. He has three episodes on his podcast . He also takes blatant pictures on Instagram.

He co-writes with C. Befoune ( he has a not-so secret crush on her) on this publication — Self-ish . Their goal is to share the lessons they’ve learnt from multiple sources in the domains of Self-improvement, Content Creation and Human Relationships.

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