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“Rational thoughts for self-connected people.” We write about the small, sometimes almost imperceptible steps we take when we commit to knowing ourselves. Progress comes over time — through a consistent commitment to principles of philosophy and self-growth.
Note from the editor

Rational thoughts for self-connected people. We explore philosophy, psychology, relationships, childhood, family, and what it’s like to do the daily, life-long work of knowing ourselves and connecting with others. Send comments, questions, and submissions to cheryl@selfknowledgedaily.com.

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Sacha Slone
Multimedia Contributor and Editor for Self-Knowledge Daily. Topics: Philosophy, Self-knowledge, Narcissistic Abuse
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Kathryn Beal
Wife. Homemaker. Stay-at-home mama. Author of How to Find a Great Therapist (Available on Amazon). kathrynbeal.net Bitcoin ❤ 1qZuHCwwYNzbwHUBNnoDxWKE6NJRuu1Pq
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Founding editor
Cheryl L. Hulseapple
Copyediting, proofreading, blockchain. Clear Words - Serving high-level thinkers, creators, and authors. Top-rated freelancer on Upwork. Cheryllorraine.com
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Kevin Beal
Writer of philosophy and self knowledge content. Contributor to Self Knowledge Daily. Lover of ❤ Bitcoin: 1nqqXyCh4AmBzEMKwyUiK5xBjGEAMc3cU
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Connor Johnston
Western civilization, personal development for young men, empathy for children, philosophy for all.
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Nick Rundlett
Self-directed learner, advocate of freedom and entrepreneurship, lover of liberty.
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Oshan Jarow
Interested in many things, like consciousness, meditation & economics. Sure of nothing, like how to exist well, or play the sax (yet). More: www.MusingMind.org.
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Erik Lugnet
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Dán Hunter
Improving Human. Paypal: dan_swers@yahoo.com. Bitcoin: 1GJGY4g1FwzdMuhPsvTCoMRfZicJknMqhw
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Aaron Tanason
Self-Knowledge, Logotherapy, Soul-in-the-Game, Brain Play Circuits, Constructing Systems that Improve the Future.
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