Hawk of Action

Reading about different subjects that interest me is one of my favorite pastimes. I often devour books in one sitting. For the last year in particular I have consumed several books a month.

I think reading books is a great tool for becoming a better person. Reading up on things like how to learn a new language, strength training, counter-propaganda or anything of value really.

I have however gone from being a simple Bookworm to spurt metaphorical wings out of my back and emerge as a Hawk of Action.

I do not simply read interesting books and conclude at the end:

That sure was an interesting read, although I will not change my behaviour based on it. That’s hard work.

The point of reading books I believe is taking something away from what we read. That it in some way or another shows up in our life, in the actions we take.

The things we do in life should inspire us to take action to become better than we already are. To constantly improve ourselves.

That is why I say that reading books is a great tool. On it’s own it’s useless. But when combined with a powerful focused mind, it can create wonders.

My call to your readers out there is: Take in your books and act accordingly to the information you glean from those pages (be they digital or physical). Do not let the information fall apart inside your mind. Use it instead to your advantage.

Be a Hawk of Action. Swift and decisive.

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