Let the Village Sing of the Dog

My father had a saying about hunter’s and their dogs.

If a man speaks highly of his dog but the village says nothing of it, then I know the dog is useless. If the man does not speak of his dog but the village sings its praise, then I know it to be a fantastic dog.

I find bragging to be incredibly annoying. When someone is talking about their success and victories just for the sake of it. Slapping it across your face as if holding a slimy fish.

To me it conveys that you are more interested in what other people think of your exploits than your actual exploits and triumphs. I find that pathetic. Your center, your core becomes the reaction of the people around you. Without others you are nothing. You are like a shadow, an absence.

Hey, I am all for being proud in one's accomplishments. Yes please, do share them. But for the love of all that is sacred, share with the intent of inspiring those around you. Share your stories of victories with humor and humility. Weave an interesting narrative (it’s ok to embellish if it makes for a good story, we hunters do it all the time), conjure laughs in those hearing your tale of doubts and determination.

If your exploits are great, if your willpower and courage is to be applauded, then let other people sing your praise. Let the numbers speak for themselves.

Stop being a douche.

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