Putting Principles Before People

Protecting Yourself from Loneliness, Part 2

If you understand that you want to live according to the principle of lifelong growth, seek people who are already growing.

This works much better than finding just anyone and hoping they will appreciate and adapt to the things you value, such as self-growth. You can waste a lot of time waiting in loneliness and frustration.

  • Flexible people are already flexing their abilities.
  • Smart people are already using their intelligence.
  • Honest people are already speaking the truth.
  • People who will value you are already valuing themselves.

Stop looking for people and start looking for principles.

Then right away, you can see who values the things you do, you can tell when you are going in similar directions, and you are more likely to be able to do so together.

Have you found any tips or learned any lessons about overcoming loneliness?

Originally published as day sixteen of “Something Imperfect,” a personal 30-day challenge to hit publish every day.

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