Review: ‘Make Self-Knowledge Great Again’

Today I received my physical copy of Make Self-Knowledge Great Again (MSKGA), written by Steven Franssen.

I finished the Kindle version yesterday. It took me a few weeks to get through it. I read it in doses. It is a powerful, profound read. Both deep and wide in content.

This is the real deal folks. This is self-knowledge on steroids. Steven takes us through the basics, but also gives us an advanced course on the art of knowing thyself.

‘’What do I do after I have healed myself?’’ is a question I have asked myself before. Steven tells us what to do.

The answer is to fight nihilists and leftists.


To secure a better tomorrow for our offspring. And because we hate evil.

Steven’s book on making self-knowledge great again is comprehensive, profound, and unique. It is a call to arms.

Pick up your sword, and jump into the fray. We got a people to save.

‘’Will we face the end of our life alone and penniless? Will we feel isolated and alienated from our inner child? Will we pass away with grace and wisdom? Will we be surrounded with loved ones, touched by our love and empathy? It is up to each of us to decide’’ — Steven Franssen

Get Make Self-Knowledge Great Again.

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