How One Old Article Made Me Over $200 When I Was on Holiday

My content keeps making me money when I happily sunbathe on the beach.

Image credit of the author. I spent my summer 2021 holiday in Side, Turkey. The post contains affiliate links. I might be compensated by third parties if you purchase recommended products and services.

I have worked on my side hustles and the full-time job nonstop since 2020. Early morning writing sessions and late work evenings were a new normal for me. My friends enjoyed their 9–5 lifestyles, but I somehow was not happy. I wanted to dedicate…




It’s my space to share wins and failures, learnings and discoveries as a Medium writer, a self-made marketer, website owner, and a solopreneur. I write daily and aiming to transform my life through writing.

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Victoria Kurichenko

Victoria Kurichenko

Ukrainian in Budapest. Self-made marketer & content writer. Writing daily. Creating SEO-friendly content for 3 years. My site:

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