Dear Bad Writer, Stop Using Profanity as a Crutch

Does a cultural phenomenon have to be “fucking awful” or can it be “repulsive,” “repugnant?” Maybe it’s simply “shocking.”

Does a product have to be “damn good(!)” or can it just be “surprising,” “revolutionary,” or “a breakthrough?”

Why does the oh-so-revered life of an entrepreneur have to be “shitty?” Why can’t it be “miserable,” or “endless?” Or how about “draining?” What about the days where it’s “rewarding?” Maybe it gives you “irreplaceable joy.”

Throwing in a curse word or two does not give your work more power. “Work F**king Hard” is a better title than “Work Really Hard.” But when it looks like you’ve recruited the word “motherf**king” to serve as another form of punctuation, your lack of vocabulary becomes clear.

Do curse because it is the right word at the right time to deliver exactly the message you want.

Don’t curse because you are lazy.