On Being Yourself

Everyday you wake up, you have a choice. You can be different versions of yourself, depending on who’s in the room. And you will be liked more. You will make more friends. You will have less anxiety in your life. Or you can make an effort to be truly you. And you will probably be liked less. You will make less friends. And you will carry more anxiety. So then why would anyone want to be a truthful version of themselves?

If you are not consistently you, the friends you make will only be surface friends. Since you are choosing what you show them, the relationship will be based on a veneer, a projection, your idea of what you believe they will like. This is called advertising. You may know more people but the quality of those relationships will be mediocre at best. Instead of a person, you will be a billboard. Instead of relationships, you will have arrangements.

Anxiety, yes you may have less. But this is temporary. Eventually, you will have more. A lot more. It takes more energy to be someone you’re not. It takes more strategy, more thought, more game plan. Behind any intent, there is expectation. You are hoping, wishing, and seeking. And if you don’t get the validation and approval you hoped for, you will internalize. You will judge yourself, causing your anxiety to skyrocket.

But here’s the main difference.

Prism vs stone.

Snowflake vs snowball.

Life vs death.

Who you were meant to be, the people you were meant to effect, the ripple you were meant to send in this world, diminishes when you chose to run away instead of toward yourself.

This isn’t about you. It’s greater than you. It’s about your design. Every time you are not yourself due to fear of what others may think, you are fucking with your design.

Remember that.

You have a purpose.

Don’t waste it because you don’t want someone to not like you.

– Angry

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