People On Medium Don’t Know What They’re Doing—Which Is Why It’s So Awesome

I follow a person on Medium who’s bio literally states, “I don’t know what I’m doing.” This person has 1,000+ followers.

James Altucher, claims several of his books are bad, and you should not buy them. He also declares he constantly lives in fear, has no confidence, and that having children will ruin your life. Personally, I think this guy is a hot mess. But I see him all over the web. I guess you can say he’s a business “thought leader.” Whatever that means.

At the same time, he states creative vulnerability is a good thing.

I know that never being creative is a bad thing. When you’re creative you reach out and try to hug the universe. When you are not creative, you spin and spin and spin inside your head. How much fun is that?

Well said.

I do a lot of self-improvement writing on Medium, and complement my writing on Medium with an external blog. I’m not even close to having my shit together.

God help me.

I give advice based on my knowledge and experience, hoping others will transform their lives. I have no idea what I’m doing. But I’m enjoying the process in the meantime.

I’ve noticed people on Medium doing the same thing — creating content on topics they’re trying to become proficient in. I’ll stalk their LinkedIn profiles to scan their background and realize they have no expertise or credentials (ugh, credentials) in the field they are writing about.

But isn’t this how “experts” are born? By repeatedly doing the same thing until you get really good at it? Until more and more people take notice? Resulting in someone asking you for a speaking engagement, to work for them, to advise for them, to buy whatever you’re selling. Or just listening to whatever you have to say, inspiring them to take action and leave an impact — continuing the cycle on their end, and paving the way for others to begin their journey of creative enlightenment.

On a daily basis, I read about mediocrity, failures, and downright embarrassments—from dating, starting a business, writing, parenting, and everything else imaginable.

This level of vulnerability is unprecedented. It takes balls to throw yourself out there. I don’t know if you’re with me but I cringe every time I hit “Publish.” I think I shave a couple days off my life from the stress of putting my work out in the world.

Fellow Medium writers — we’re all in the same boat. We’re all shit-shows aiming to transform others while transforming ourselves in the process.

I am in the process of writing an article on negotiating but I am a shitty negotiator (for now). I was on a call and gave myself up by agreeing to the other party’s terms. When it comes down to closing the deal, I am screwed. They have the upper hand and we both know it. “Fuck, shit, fucking fuck” were literally the words I said when I got off the phone because I knew I fucked up that conversation. I gave them the power. Digging myself out will be quite a challenge.

Fail. Learn. Reflect. Improve. Repeat. I don’t like this cycle but I’m realizing this is how it goes. You can’t learn and improve without trying (failing).

My name will be attached to this article. It’ll tell the world that I don’t have the expertise in the subjects I am writing about.

Soon I’ll stop giving a shit because hitting “Publish” will eventually become second nature. Because I’ll get good at it.

Because we have a voice inside of us that needs to be revealed to the world. We all have unique insights that could add value to others. We have skills that should be taught to the world.

I literally have no idea what I’m doing. You probably have no idea what you’re doing. We are teaching others while learning a thing or two about ourselves in the process. And this is why I love Medium.