Steve Jobs, culture vulture

I recently came across a brilliant interview with Steve Jobs from 1995 (waay pre iPod and iPhone), which has apparently only recently been unearthed since its original broadcast. In it, Jobs talks about the values and philosophies that inform is approach to business — and ‘creating’ in general.

Among many valuable insights, the aspect of the interview that really resonated with me comes at the end, when he talks about his passion for bringing culture to everything he creates.

The same thing that causes people want to be poets instead of bankers…that same spirit can be put into products, those products can be manufactured and given to people and they can feel it…
I don’t think that most of the really great people that I have worked with have worked with computers for the sake of computers…they’ve worked with computers because they are the medium that is best capable of transmitting some feeling that you have that you want to share with other people…”

He expresses brilliantly the idea that everything in life is a creative endeavour, and that the best creative work draws indiscriminately on culture, whatever its form.

Found via Eddie Izzard, talking with Richard Herring.