Wandering in the Mind

As I said this pic is back again.

Preconceived ideas help you

To get you entirely lost; bathed in fear; sprinkled in excitement; baked in awe.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes they serve their purpose, but usually preconceived ideas are just fallacies we all give our best to try to make them work out, even if they are detrimental. Society is one of those fallacies. Truth is sort of, well, always paradoxical, so this living we do is schizophrenic, a paranoid living where we assume whatever we want to assume and all is well if what we assume is in the box of the status quo. But we are prune to shake things up, because we are nature you see?

The image of Shiva is the one that seems to have the most sense in all these godly figures.

Shiva dances, he always does so. The destructor of worlds they called him. He destroys everything while he dances, he ends it all, every law, every society, every dialect, every language, every emotion, every breath, every heartbeat, he ends it all. But, and this is a big “but”, if he stop dancing everything will stop existing, as if it never did.

It’s like the beating heart, you see? Your heartbeats get you closer and closer to our old age or till the day your life date, expires. But, and this is a big one, if your heartbeat ends now, you also end now.

So what I’m trying to say is to let life live unravel, let it dance, even if it’s paradoxical, even if it fades away, let it dance, don’t get to clingy to all there is, but don’t get to numb.

I’m writing all this, and still… I feel so stupid trying so hard to simplify this life experience by words, by language, such a quantifiable measure to such an infinite potential.

We are this potential, this infinity.

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