Bettering our Daily Choices.

How you can use your free time for better purposes.

Reading as opposed to binge watching a new TV show. Writing articles, thoughts, or even notes down instead of playing video games. Taking part in a thoughtful conversation with friends rather than scanning tweets on your phone.

We all come face to face with these choices, probably on a daily basis. The list can go on and on. Even the choice between a mindless Youtube video with epic fails and an inspiring Ted Talk with insights into a specific subject.

These choices seem small. In fact, they are small choices. However; these choices, when accumulated over time, can make all the difference. We find ourselves making them everyday. On the way to work, while we eat our meals, even before we go to sleep. These choices are almost unapparent at times.

Why not spend 20 minutes looking at funny pictures before bed? Surely I don’t have enough time to accomplish anything meaningful. Nonsense.

Whether you have 20 minutes of break or hours of free time, you can find a better use of that time. I’m not condoning the use of the internet or any other medium for that matter, for the use of consuming your free time. This is simply a test, an exercise to see what you can accomplish with this somewhat lost time.

Today use those extra 20 minutes to read 4-5 blog posts about a specific skill you’d like to learn. Today engage in a conversation about a desired topic with some friends. Today go out for a run and take in the fresh air.

Today you can make a difference for yourself.

Stop dismissing those 20 minutes of free time here and 10 minutes there as meaningless wastes. Use them to your advantage!

You want to accomplish great things right? Yes, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be the caliber of people reading articles on this site. So go out and do it. Stop wasting your free time and make it work for you. Are you going to waste your extra time, or are you going to use it to your advantage? The choice is yours.

Currently working on FilterGrade. Say hi @moloneymike.

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